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Mistral AI

The Mistral AI API offers access to Mistral models such as mistral-tiny, mistral-small, and mistral-medium.


To use Mistral AI, you need to set the MISTRAL_API_KEY environment variable, or specify the apiKey in the provider configuration.

Example of setting the environment variable:

export MISTRAL_API_KEY=your_api_key_here

Model Selection

You can specify which Mistral model to use in your configuration. Currently, the following 5 models are available:

  1. open-mistral-7b
  2. open-mixtral-8x7b
  3. open-mixtral-8x22b
  4. mistral-small-latest
  5. mistral-medium-latest
  6. mistral-large-latest

Here's an example config that compares Mistral-Medium-Latest, Mistral-Small-Latest, and OpenAI GPT-3.5:

- mistral:mistral-medium-latest
- mistral:mistral-small-latest
- openai:chat:gpt-3.5-turbo


The Mistral provider supports several options to customize the behavior of the model. These include:

  • temperature: Controls the randomness of the output.
  • top_p: Controls nucleus sampling, affecting the randomness of the output.
  • max_tokens: The maximum length of the generated text.
  • safe_prompt: Whether to enforce safe content in the prompt.
  • random_seed: A seed for deterministic outputs.
  • response_format: Enable JSON mode, by setting the response_format to {"type": "json_object"}. The model must be asked explicitly to generate JSON output. This is currently only supported for their updated models mistral-small-latest and mistral-large-latest.
  • apiKeyEnvar: An environment variable that contains the API key
  • apiHost: The hostname of the Mistral API, please also read MISTRAL_API_HOST below. |
  • apiBaseUrl: The base URL of the Mistral API, please also read MISTRAL_API_BASE_URL below. |

Example configuration with options:

- id: mistral:mistral-large-latest
temperature: 0.7
max_tokens: 512
safe_prompt: true
response_format: { 'type': 'json_object' }

Additional Capabilities

  • Caching: Caches previous LLM requests by default.
  • Token Usage Tracking: Provides detailed information on the number of tokens used in each request, aiding in usage monitoring and optimization.
  • Cost Calculation: Calculates the cost of each request based on the number of tokens generated and the specific model used.

Supported environment variables

These Mistral-related environment variables are supported:

MISTRAL_API_HOSTThe hostname to use (useful if you're using an API proxy). Takes priority over MISTRAL_API_BASE_URL.
MISTRAL_API_BASE_URLThe base URL (protocol + hostname + port) to use, this is a more general option than MISTRAL_API_HOST.