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Local AI

LocalAI is an API wrapper for open-source LLMs that is compatible with OpenAI. You can run LocalAI for compatibility with Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna, GPT4All, RedPajama, and many other models compatible with the ggml format.

View all compatible models here.

Once you have LocalAI up and running, specify one of the following based on the model you have selected:

The model name is typically the filename of the .bin file that you downloaded to set up the model in LocalAI. For example, ggml-vic13b-uncensored-q5_1.bin. LocalAI also has a /models endpoint to list models, which can be queried with curl http://localhost:8080/v1/models.

Configuring parameters

You can set parameters like temperature and apiBaseUrl (full list here). For example, using LocalAI's lunademo:

- id: localai:lunademo
temperature: 0.5

Supported environment variables:

  • LOCALAI_BASE_URL - defaults to http://localhost:8080/v1
  • REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MS - maximum request time, in milliseconds. Defaults to 60000.