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Cloudflare Workers AI

This provider supports the models provided by Cloudflare Workers AI, a serverless edge embedding and inference runtime.

Required Configuration

Calling the Workers AI requires the user to supply a Cloudflare account ID and API key with sufficient permissions to invoke the Workers AI REST endpoints.


The Cloudflare account ID is not secret and therefore it is safe to put it in your promptfoo configuration file. The Cloudflare API key is secret, so while you can provide it in the config, this is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED as it might lead to abuse. See below for an example safe configuration:

- Tell me a really funny joke about {{topic}}. The joke should contain the word {{topic}}

- id: cloudflare-ai:chat:@cf/meta/llama-3-8b-instruct
# It is not recommended to keep your API key on the config file since it is a secret value.
# Use the CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY environment variable or set the apiKeyEnvar value
# in the config

- vars:
topic: birds
- type: icontains
value: '{{topic}}'

In addition to apiKeyEnvar allowed environment variable redirection for the CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY value, the accountIdEnvar can be used to similarly redirect to a value for the CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID.

Available Models and Model Parameters

Cloudflare is constantly adding new models to its inventory. See their official list of models for a list of supported models. Different models support different parameters, which is supported by supplying those parameters as additional keys of the config object in the promptfoo config file.

For an example of how advanced embedding configuration should be supplied, see examples/cloudflare-ai/embedding_configuration.yaml

For an example of how advanced completion/chat configuration should be supplied, see examples/cloudflare-ai/chat_advanced_configuration.yaml

Different models support different parameters. While this provider strives to be relatively flexible, it is possible that not all possible parameters have been added. If you need support for a parameter that is not yet supported, please open up a PR to add support.

Future Improvements

  • Allow for the pass through of all generic configuration parameters for Cloudflare REST API