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Ship LLM apps with confidence

Open-source LLM testing used by 20,000+ developers

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Build reliable prompts, RAGs, and agents

Start testing the performance of your models, prompts, and tools in minutes:

npx promptfoo@latest init

Promptfoo runs locally and integrates directly with your app - no SDKs, cloud dependencies, or logins.

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Comprehensive security coverage

Custom probes for your application that identify failures you actually care about, not just generic jailbreaks and prompt injections.

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Built for developers

Move quickly with a command-line interface, live reloads, and caching. No SDKs, cloud dependencies, or logins.

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Battle-tested, 100% open-source

Used by teams serving millions of users and supported by an active open-source community.

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Easy abstractions for complex LLM testing

Simple declarative config

# Compare prompts...
- "Summarize this in {{language}}: {{document}}"
- "Summarize this in {{language}}, concisely and professionally: {{document}}"

# And models...
- openai:gpt-4o
- anthropic:claude-3.5-sonnet

# ... using these tests
- vars:
language: French
document: "file://docs/*.txt"
- type: contains
value: "foo bar"
- type: llm-rubric
value: "does not apologize"
- type: cost
threshold: 0.01
- type: latency
threshold: 3000
- # ...

Detailed, actionable results

Detect & fix critical failures

Sample vulnerability report

Make your LLM app reliable & secure