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Portkey AI integration

Portkey is an AI observability suite that includes prompt management capabilities.

To reference prompts in Portkey:

  1. Set the PORTKEY_API_KEY environment variable.

  2. Use the portkey:// prefix for your prompts, followed by the Portkey prompt ID. For example:

    - 'portkey://pp-test-promp-669f48'

    - openai:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613

    - vars:
    topic: ...

Variables from your promptfoo test cases will be automatically plugged into the Portkey prompt as variables. The resulting prompt will be rendered and returned to promptfoo, and used as the prompt for the test case.

Note that promptfoo does not follow the temperature, model, and other parameters set in Portkey. You must set them in the providers configuration yourself.

Using Portkey gateway

The Portkey AI gateway is directly supported by promptfoo. See also portkey's documentation on integrating promptfoo.


id: portkey:gpt-4o
portkeyProvider: openai

More complex portkey configurations are also supported.

id: portkey:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613
# Can alternative set environment variables, e.g. PORTKEY_API_KEY
portkeyApiKey: xxx
portkeyVirtualKey: xxx
team: xxx
portkeyConfig: xxx
portkeyProvider: xxx
portkeyApiBaseUrl: xxx