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Google AI Studio

The google provider is compatible with Google AI Studio (formerly known as PaLM), which offers access to Gemini models.

You can use it by specifying one of the available models. Currently, the following models are supported:

  • google:gemini-pro
  • google:gemini-pro-vision
  • google:aqa (attributed question answering)
  • google:chat-bison-001

If you are using Google Vertex, see the vertex provider.

Supported environment variables:

  • GOOGLE_API_KEY (required) - Google AI Studio/PaLM API token
  • GOOGLE_API_HOST - used to override the Google API host, defaults to

The PaLM provider supports various configuration options such as safetySettings, stopSequences, temperature, maxOutputTokens, topP, and topK that can be used to customize the behavior of the model like so:

- id: google:gemini-pro
temperature: 0
maxOutputTokens: 1024